Alexandra Beilke
July 2018
3NW-Inpatient Cardiology, CT Surgery, Electrophysiology
Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin - Froedtert Hospital
United States




I came to Froedtert with severe chest pain. I was just working at my job when I went to the restroom and next thing I remember, I was on a stretcher headed to Froedtert where I went for an x-ray that saw a spot, so they sent me for a CT scan and drew blood cultures. They also started talking about an admission to Froedtert. I called my husband and two kids crying that I didn't want to stay in the hospital. I left against medical advice from Froedtert. A Physicians Assistant from the ED called me and told me how serious the infection in my bloodstream was, so I came back in, trusting I would be in good hands here.
When I returned, I was admitted to 3NW where I spent seven days. I had many doctors come to see me and many nurses and was diagnosed with severe septic emboli endocarditis. The infection spread to my right lung and aortic valve. I was never so scared in my life. My two kids saw me many times in my room, but one person stood out to me and my family and her name is Alex Beilke. She is an outstanding nurse. She used her title very well.
I was placed in airborne isolation to rule out TB. Alex treated me like family, listened to my questions, found answers, and never let me wait. I knew I was in good hands with Alex, I knew she would get my meds, my vitals, and care I deserved as a patient.
Alex gave me interaction with my kids as well as making them feel like their mom would be okay and they told me they really liked her, and she was very nice. Alex cared for me every single day, even when I didn't have her, she'd still come and see how I was doing. She deserves recognition as I'm sure this is how she is with every patient and family she encounters. She is very passionate, hard-working, and dedicated to her patients and their families.
Alex, I just wanted to share this with you; I have been through so much with my illnesses. I felt like I was a bother every time I had to have a nurse take care of me when I was hospitalized. But with you I felt comfortable, I felt like I had a purpose, to fight this infection. Someone (you) cared about me and treated me like family. I hope you train others because the community needs more nurses like you. You are a blessing! Be proud of your career. Be proud of what you do and the title you have behind your name because you are a prime example of who a nurse is. Caring, loving, respectful, comforting, and compassionate.
Thank you, Alex, for being that extra special nurse. You treated me like I was important as well as my family. You truly care about your patients and it shows. Thank you so much for all you did for me.