Aimee Agpoon
November 2015
4LM-Neuro Surgical
Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center
United States




My 87 year old father was in and out of St. Luke's neuro ICU and 4 KLM this past summer after suffering a subdural hematoma from a fall in July. Throughout this extremely difficult, emotional experience, the culmination of our family's challenging journey occurred two weeks after my father's craniotomy and transfer from neuro ICU to 4KLM. My father was not progressing with therapy and his appetite was basically nonexistent. The decision to consider palliative and/or hospice care options for my dad was beyond heart wrenching.
My dad's nurse Aimee Agpoon who by this time was no longer assigned to his room, stopped in just to say "Hi" and see how he was doing. Aimee had developed a wonderful rapport with my father while she had him as a patient the week prior for four days. My dad loved Aimee and literally cried when she told him that she would not see him until Monday because she had the weekend off. (To be honest, I was sad too).
Aimee, by pure serendipity, walked in during the time that I was overwrought with sadness and tears about my dad's condition. She gave me a comforting hug and coxed my dad to eat a little something and made him smile. Aimee showed genuine compassion and care for not just my father but for me as well. She was not only a marvelously competent nurse but more importantly is an exceptional individual who showed such kindness and provided comfort when it was needed most.
This is why I nominate Aimee Agpoon as an extraordinary nurse for the DAISY Award.