Aimee Adrian
June 2021
Surgical Robotics
Swedish Medical Center
United States




Aimee Adrian went above and beyond to advocate for her patient. Her patient had been admitted for a UC flare and had developed exquisite abdominal pain and distention. Aimee felt something was not adding up and independently reviewed the patient’s chart at 2:30 in the morning. During this time she found a critical error: the patient had had a CT early in the evening which demonstrated a toxic megacolon with perforation which had not been called to staff or reviewed by the ordering team. She immediately contacted the covering doctor who involved surgery. She went to the OR by 3:30 am and underwent ex-lap with subtotal colectomy and end ileostomy. Had we been notified any later, this patient may have ended up in the ICU with an open abdomen or even died. Aimee followed her gut and went above her expected duties, on a busy night during which she was both bedside and charge, and her actions saved a young mom with two young children’s life.