Aileen Feola
September 2021
Medical-Surgical Acute Care
UVA Health
United States




Aileen sees me as a whole person, not just a patient in a bed.
Having worked for many years in health care, I know what it means to provide excellent care. Now I am on the receiving end. I have been hospitalized since November 2020. During my hospital stays at UVA I have had many excellent nurses, but Aileen stands out as one of the best nurses I have had during this time. Aileen is an excellent nurse. What makes her stand out is that even though I know she is busy with several patients she always makes time to take care of my needs. The day I was getting my PICC line stands out for me. I was having significant pain and GI distress throughout the day. Aileen made sure I got my pain meds on time. With my GI distress, she took the time to gently clean and change my bedding. She could have left this for the nursing assistants but made the time to be there for me. When I had another episode at change of shift, she stayed late to clean me up, change my bedding and make sure I was comfortable. I don't think there are many RNs who would do this at the end of their shift.

Aileen has very high standards - she makes sure everything is done just right. Pain has been an ongoing issue for me. She anticipated when I would need my pain medicines and got additional topical medications to help with pain relief. This reduced my stress. Most importantly, she sees me as a whole person, not just a patient in a bed. She made time to answer my questions and most importantly, took the time to provide compassionate, gentle care. Aileen is a treasure.