8 North Inpatient Oncology Team
November 2020
8 North Inpatient Oncology Team
Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Temple Region
United States
Adell Payton, RN, Melissa Smith, RN




A young man was diagnosed with cancer and had been receiving care on our inpatient oncology unit, 8North, for several weeks. This patient was a husband and a father to two young boys. He formed a strong bond with the team on 8North as they supported him and his family clinically, emotionally, and spiritually through his battle with cancer.

When he ultimately received his final treatment and was able to ring the remission bell, the entire team held a celebration for him and his family. During that celebration, this patient read a letter of gratitude to the team detailing the positive and lasting impression they made on his life. He later submitted that letter and a video statement to nominate the team for the DAISY Team Award. An excerpt of his statement is as follows:

“Today is not just my day. Not just a day for me to ring this bell and be done with cancer, but a day for each of you to hear exactly what you have done for me during this time. You brought a friend back to his friends, a brother back to his brothers, a son back to his parents, a husband back to his wife, and mostly a father back to his boys. You gave me life, you gave me hell, you gave medicine, and I reiterate you gave me hell. You got my wife and I through the hardest times we have known. You gave us just enough motivation to make it to the next day….We could not have weathered this storm without you as our rocks. Thank you so much, I forever owe you, and will be my best me because of you.”