7S Surgical Oncology
April 2023
7S Surgical Oncology
Providence Portland Medical Center
United States
Cynthia Beliel, BSN, CMS, RN
Jennifer Cacho, BSN, CMS, RN
Garrett Call, BSN, CMS, RN
Alyssa Calzada, BSN, RN
Sierra Cantrell, RN
Sierra Chung, BSN, RN
Rylie Coiteux, BSN, RN
Kyle Cook, BSN, CMS, RN
Emily Holguin, BSN, RN
Angelica Keene, BSN, CMS, RN
Linh Khan, BSN, ANCC, RN
Sarah Kremmel, BSN, CMS, RN
Tamdin Lathsang, RN
Maryann Li, BSN, RN
Loanda Lichtwardt, BSN, CMS, RN
Max Liberman, BSN, RN
Angela Ly, BSN, ANCC, RN
Katherine Martin, BSN, CMS, RN
Michelle Mcsherry, BSN, ANCC, RN
Chelan Metcalf, BSN, RN
Jennifer McDonnell, MSN, MHA, RN
Nathan Miller, BSN, ANCC, RN
Zachary Phan, BSN, RN
Geo Quintanilla Lopez, BSN, RN
Taren Rock, BSN, RN
Philip Sanfilippo, BSN, RN
Gaby Sanluis Padilla, BSN, RN
Samantha Scott, BSN, RN
Stephanie Sherman, BSN, RN
Morghan Simms, BSN, RN
Danni Sloane, MSN, CEL, RN
Alisa Tran, BSN, RN
Evan Troxel, BSN, RN
Ali Vandergon, BSN, ANCC, RN
Meagan Weber, RN
Xin Wen, BSN, RN
Satomi Wise, BSN, CMS, RN




I am writing as a patient that stayed on 7S Surgical Oncology. However, I am also a noc shift nurse on the same unit. I was in the ER on last year. After many tests, it was determined that I had Guillian-Barre syndrome. I was to stay in the hospital until I received 5 doses of MG. I knew that I would be admitted for 5-6 days. I had been in touch with Jamie, noc shift charge nurse prior to being seen in the ER for my symptoms. I told Jamie that I was to be admitted. Jamie mentioned that there was one room left on 7S and asked if I wanted it.

At this point, I did some soul-searching, as I was very weak and could not perform any ADLs (activities of daily living). Would I feel comfortable having my coworkers take care of me? They would see me in a whole new fashion. I thought to myself, we take care of amazing patients, I'm sure they would be good to me as well. I was indeed correct! When I arrived at my room, it was decorated with friendly glove balloons with smiling faces. There was also an angel made out of two face masks. The grease board had a lot of personal get-well messages. My room was totally welcoming and personalized for me.

The care I received from my 7S team was exceptional. I would nominate every nurse on the floor if I could. Most staff would stop in and say "Hi", a few even brought me coffee from Starbucks or snacks from outside the hospital. Because the staff knew me, my plan of care was totally personalized. I felt like I had control of much of my care, daily plans, and discharge. I was kept informed by the medical staff at all times. I feel that I would have been in good hands on any unit; however, the personal aspect of being amongst friends during my lowest health episodes was incredible. Even my nurse manager Danni Sloane (now our nursing director) and fellow RN, Satomi Wise, came in that first morning to check on me, then ended up repositioning me while they were in the room! I continue to receive phone calls and texts from my coworkers to check on my progress. I am one lucky patient.