6 East Care Team
February 2020
6 East Care Team
6 East Ortho
Huntington Hospital
United States
6 East staff
(Diane) Hyeon Joo Jean, RN
Kristofer Maines, RN

Lilian Garcia, PCA
Maria Quan, PCA
Angelica Ramirez, PCA




This was my first hospital stay ever in my life; I would really like to recognize these nurses and staff. 6 East all of them were extremely comforting, caring, compassionate, prompt, polite, and efficient at their jobs. Diane and Kristofer kept me and my wife comfortable in spirit and basic needs, we always had ice water and never lacked for anything. Diane and Kristofer were the best, they kept my pain in control being prompt and accurate when administering my medication which was required to maintain my pain levels from getting out of control. I can not express how grateful I am for all their care. They were above and beyond but I would like to give a standing ovation to the 6 East team.