Jody Henderson, Hannah Partain, Marci Bradley, Jessica Howell, Alisha Tinsley, Kristin Powell
May 2016
400 East Oncology Team
400 East Oncology Team CHI Memorial
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When I think about the Team Daisy Award and what it represents I think of a group of the kindest, most caring, selfless and compassionate nurses that I know. These nurses always go above and beyond their call of duty when it comes to patient care. If you could not see their name badges displayed you would think they were part of the patient's family, and in essence they are exactly that. They often are witness to the heartbreaking process of families who are losing a loved one. Some lost are only beginning this great journey we call life and are so deserving of one that is long and blissful. Others are young parents and these nurses witness their small children, who are lost and broken, lose their mother or father without understanding while some have lived a long meaningful life and are ready to meet their maker. These nurses love their job and are dedicated to their patients as well as their team. So, it was no surprise to me when presented with the opportunity to do something special for one of their patients there was not one second of hesitation.
On Sunday January 24 this team surprised a patient with a belated Christmas celebration. They wrapped presents, decorated her room, sang Christmas carols and even presented her with a Christmas greeting from her doctors and her children. Because of this patient's illness, she missed the opportunity to celebrate the joy of Christmas with her own family and friends. This amazing team of nurses recognized this as an opportunity to bless this patient with additional care and support.
As they always do, the 4 East staff went out of their way to show love and kindness to someone in their care. On special day, this patient wasn't treated as a patient, she was family.
They have no idea that many times other staff members and I are witness to their amazing displays of kindness, but we are. And we all are so thankful for the work that they do, and that is why I nominate them for this most deserving DAISY Award.
These are the people honored with this DAISY Team Award: