4 North Wing Nursing and The Arizona Surgery Team
May 2022
4 North Wing Nursing and The Arizona Surgery Team
Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center
Santa Monica
United States
4 North Wing Staff and the Arizona Surgery Team




Thank you for everything you all did to help us in a time of crisis.
Thanks to Robby Kashani, the 4 North Wing Staff, Dr. Chen, and the Arizona Surgery Team we have this amazing example of patient-centered care. A patient who had previously been with us the month prior presented again with a recurrent abscess. This admission was different however because she had a flight to catch the same evening for her wedding! Robby was her RN. She had come in through the Emergency Department and had not gotten much sleep due to concerns about her health and the instability of her wedding. Robby dedicated time to sitting with her and calming her anxieties. He worked with the surgery team to coordinate her care and safely discharge her as soon as possible. Dr. Chen and his team made her a priority to have her procedure and be discharged. She had her procedure early, they were even able to avoid a drain. Having close communication with the team allowed us to be on the same page and prepare everything for her discharge as efficiently as possible.

After the patient returned, we hit all of the milestones we needed for discharge. Discharge orders were placed and, with tears in their eyes, we went over discharge instructions thoroughly. With everything prepared and coordinated we were able to discharge the patient earlier than expected - they were wheeled out to a small parade of nurses in the hallway celebrating their upcoming wedding. The patient sent Robby the following email with the subject line:

"We got MARRIED!!!!!’ Hi Robby~
we wanted to let you and the team know we made it to St John and got married.❤️❤️❤️ We can’t thank you all enough for everything you did to get me fixed up and out of the hospital, not once, but twice!! We were absolutely floored by the kindness and empathy every single person showed, and the seamless teamwork and expertise that made it possible for me to safely make our flight and get married as planned (without a drain!!!. Everyone went above and beyond to make sure we would make it to our wedding, and we are eternally grateful. Please share our thanks with Ellie, Abby, Darnell, Melissa, Ryne, Sandra, Nyla, Adam, Nora, Paulette, Trudy, Anna, Dahlia, Ofelia, and everyone else on the floor, including Dr. Chen’s team and the amazing IR team that fit me into the schedule for the aspiration so we could fly out as planned (and did I mention... without a drain?!) Thank you for everything you all did to help us in a time of crisis. You made a huge impact and made our wedding day a reality. You are part of our story and we are so thankful - we will never forget it!"