4 Center Team
July 2021
4 Center
Med/Surg Acute Care of the Elderly
Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital, Warren Campus
United States
Dunlap,Diane Asst-Unit
Hanson,Yvonne C Asst-Unit
Sledzinski,Holly Asst-Unit
Ducich,Jacob William Nursing Intern
Karam,Kathryn RN Mgr-Nursing
Dequito,Lowela Poblador RN Spv-Nursing
Gales,Maria RN Spv-Nursing
Godfryd,Jenna RN Spv-Nursing
Trombley,Jamie RN Spv-Nursing
Abeto,Jennifer G RN-Float
Obedencio,Rodesa G RN-Float
Schuh,Janel RN-Float
Simbajon,Karyl T. RN-Float
Brown,Maisha Umayma RN-Registered Nurse
Brown-Riley,Janet RN-Registered Nurse
Czerwinski,William RN-Registered Nurse
El -Shorafa,Samar F RN-Registered Nurse
Elechicon,Jan RN-Registered Nurse
Garza,Dexter Daclag RN-Registered Nurse
Joseph,Pretty RN-Registered Nurse
Kowalczyk,Irene RN-Registered Nurse
Kozlowski,Dorota RN-Registered Nurse
Mikanga,Gisele Kabambi RN-Registered Nurse
Norling,Ruth RN-Registered Nurse
Ramos,Maria Katrina RN-Registered Nurse
Reed,Patricia Ann RN-Registered Nurse
Rodriguez,Adrian RN-Registered Nurse
Sa Pereira,Sabrina RN-Registered Nurse
Sprinkle,Sonya RN-Registered Nurse
Sulla,Sara Elizabeth RN-Registered Nurse
Chenault,Akeah Lalicia Technician-Patient Care PCT
Clyburn,Meisha Technician-Patient Care PCT
Dandridge,Margaret Technician-Patient Care PCT
Davis,Cecelia L Technician-Patient Care PCT
Goodman,Taylor Technician-Patient Care PCT
Harris,Karen Technician-Patient Care PCT
Kennedy,Amanda M Technician-Patient Care PCT
Kuqo,Ana Technician-Patient Care PCT
Lowe,Priscilla Technician-Patient Care PCT
Nickens,Kaylene Technician-Patient Care PCT
Olariu,Mihaela Technician-Patient Care PCT
Schmidt,Natalie Gabriella Technician-Patient Care PCT
Smith,Dasheeda Technician-Patient Care PCT
Thomas,Evelyn Technician-Patient Care PCT
Walker,Terresha S Technician-Patient Care PCT
Wilk,Margaret Mary Technician-Patient Care PCT




They saved my life and mean a great deal to my family and me.
A Rapid Response was called for a patient with low blood pressure and internal bleeding with the patient requiring a CT scan. Prior to arrival from CT, a staff member met us at the elevator to have the blood bank release slip signed and went straight to the blood bank. While hooking the patient back up to monitors, blood products arrived, and infusion started. The patient became more alert, and BP started to rise. The teamwork from the secretary, the aids, and the nurses was amazing. This teamwork saved this patient’s life. Any change in the sequence of events and players could have been a much different outcome. The patient’s son was at the bedside, and he was very complimentary and thankful to all the staff members.


All the nurses that took care of me for six days were great. They saved my life and mean a great deal to my family and me; they are true heroes.