32H Ambulatory Infusion Team
December 2023
32H Ambulatory Infusion Team
Essentia Health- Fargo
United States
Toby Jezzard, RN
Natalie Loberg, RN
Glenn Benedicto, RN
Teresa Johnson, RN
Joan Namoc, RN




I would like to nominate all of the nurses at the outpatient infusion center. Teresa is amazing. She truly cares for each and every patient and their family. Natalie will make you laugh. She talks to you like you are a friend. Glenn and Joan are up for any challenge. I was a difficult poke. They were not afraid to try. Glenn would talk to me about his interests. I learned a lot. Joan was very personal and always asked how my daughter was doing. My daughter worshipped them. She called Teresa a doctor and Natalie her best friend. I had a horrible pregnancy. This group of outstanding nurses is what got me through it. They were there when I needed a good laugh. They comforted me when I cried. They treated me like I was family. I will never forget them and what they have done for me and my family. Teresa runs an amazing department.