2LT Brilee Andrezze
May 2016
2Lt Brilee
2Lt Brilee Andrezze
Surgical Unit
Madigan Army Medical Center
United States




2LT Andrezze's clinical skill and especially her compassionate care exemplify the kind of nurse our patients, their families and our staff recognize as an outstanding role model. She consistently demonstrates all of the following criteria: Compassion, advocacy, commitment, team player, professionalism, exceptional care.
I was a patient for six days and she was my nurse on several occasions. Although all of the nurses on 7N are pretty great I believe that 2LT Andrezze took care of me the best. She showed exceptional care and compassion and kept my morale high by listening to me and talking to me. She would even laugh at my stories, and it meant the world that I could talk to someone as a person in the hospital and she truly made my stay tolerable.
She helped me obtain meal trays when one didn't come for me, and even found fresh fruit for me. My ice packs melted and left my bed wet, she changed my linen! She saved my IV when everyone else said to put a new one in. She kept my space tidy and neat! It is these small details that mean the difference!
2LT Andreeze's compassion helped to keep me feeling like a person and not just an object. When she would leave she would always say "bye" which meant a lot because I felt like a person, which as my time in the hospital grew the more like an object I felt.
I had only one roommate and though not 2LT Andreeze's patient she showed that she was a team player by giving him the exceptional care she also bestowed upon me. I think she did this because she truly has a gift for taking care of others and has compassion for all of the patients at Madigan, not just the ones assigned to her.
2LT Andreeze helped to make me feel like a person who had worth, she listened to me, talked to me, and laughed at my jokes and stories which there are many. She truly seemed to enjoy her day and as the hours of the day continued her care never lessened and she continued to smile. It meant a lot to me as a patient to have a nurse like her. I was blessed to have her for 3 days and I would often look forward to when her shift would start. She helped me get through my 6 days in the hospital.
I can think of no other nurse that deserves this award more so than 2LT Brilee Andreeze. I know I am only scratching the surface of the great care I received by her. I hope that this nomination is a small way to pay back the phenomenal care I received from her.