2C Observation
May 2023
2C Observation at
Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center
Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center
United States
Amy Porter, Clinical Nurse Manager
Agnes Mukarugema, RN
Althea Lewis, Unit Support Coordinator
Anthony Catlett, CNA
Ashley Pimperl, RN
Athena Ashmeade, Assistant Nurse Manager
Aya Hemsas, CNA
Beatrix Clermont, CNA
Carmencita Berry, RN
Carol Macaulay, RN
Celine Kulangara, RN
Christiana Tucker, CNA
David Rinehart, RN
Gladys Otieno, CNA
Huong Le, Unit Support Coordinator
Jane Wilhelm, Assistant Nurse Manager
Joanna Rasavage, RN
Jo Glenna Banania, RN
Karen Hamilton, Unit Support Coordinator
Katya Alfaro, CNA
Kenneth Svennung Hegna, RN
Laurianne Epela, CNA
Liliane Bagazonzya, RN
Maria Nicomedez-Chavez, RN
Mary Ann Jimenez, RN
Melissa Dillon, Assistant Nurse Manager
Milla Whalen, CNA
Pauline Kinyanjui, RN
Rosamma Joseph, RN
Santhi Alagarsamy, Assistant Nurse Manager
Sherina Antone, CNA
Thomas Evehe, Unit Support Coordinator
Vida Owusu, RN
Worknesh Zewdie, CNA




1. I was admitted in September following treatment at the ER for a dog bite. During the stay at Shady Grove Hospital, I received excellent care from the nursing staff on my unit. It would be difficult to name just one extraordinary nurse. All of my nurses were outstanding, as were the CNAs. I felt that I was getting wonderful care during my stay there.

2. Celine and Rosama both physically and psychologically tended to me for my urinary bleeding. They both were exemplary members of the nursing profession. Both deserve to be honored. Also, I believe the whole unit deserves an award. From the janitor up to the person in charge of the floor, they gave TLC, answered questions, and showed they cared. The clinical staff was highly medically competent.

3. Vida, Beatriz, Dave, Amy, and all the nurses were so caring and loving. They never came unhappy. They were always cheerful and prompt.

4. It was an amazing experience! Everyone was so comforting and made me relaxed through a very stressful situation. The staff was always available when I needed them. They answered all my questions with so much patience. They kept me informed of the plan throughout.

5. Athena and Melissa went above and beyond. They were always helpful, with a steady voice – no shouting – even though dad is hard of hearing even with a hearing aid.

6. As I write this my husband is still inpatient. I am writing this to encourage two amazing nurses that are a great asset to society - Jane and Santhi. My husband came through the ER with acute Malaria… these two nurses were our second point of contact after a below-average experience at the ER.  It was like day and night. They quickly came to the rescue the moment we were transferred to their unit. They ticked all the qualities of an exceptional person and nurse: caring, attentive to details, good communicators, great interpersonal skills (they worked so harmoniously together) empathizers minus the feeling sorry (which my hubby dislikes) and the best part was they had a great sense of humor. They played a vital role in my husband’s recovery! They’re a unique kind!

7. Ashley was so wonderful to talk to. She put me at ease. Beatrix was extremely attentive. I think she was disappointed when I told her I didn’t need anything. Carmen did a great job helping me clean up after my fever broke. Dave has a great personality. He knows how to put a sick person at ease.

8. Lisa was just so bright, warm, and engaging. Her personality is comforting. Marie was attentive, patient, very warm, caring, and inviting. Agnes was warm, caring, and patient. Jane was attentive and very warm with a sweet personality. Beatrix was a warm, comforting, gentle person who handled me with patience. I called for Gladys so many times I felt bad. But she was patient, warm, caring, and very comforting and I really appreciated that. Christiana was caring, warm, attentive, and very inviting. As you can see, I used many of the same adjectives multiple times to describe different people. what I saw was a team – a unit – the climate of this team was shown in not only how they treated the patients, but each other. I hope everyone is acknowledged as they should be! Thank you for making me feel cared for during this very vulnerable time.

9. Celine and Mary Ann are thorough professionals. What set them apart and a cut above the rest is their ability to connect with the patient. They listen, they smile, and they make you feel like family. Thank you for helping us maintain our faith in the goodness of human nature.

10. Both Melissa and Ashley were very attentive and explained what was going on every step of the way. Providing excellent customer service, Melissa took her time and helped me to the restroom multiple times throughout my visit. She further explained my condition in ways I could understand. While getting my blood patch procedure Ashley was there by my side to offer a sense of comfort and help me get through the excruciating pain of the needle from the procedure. She let me hold on to her hand during the procedure and also helped the anesthesiologist get the IV started for the procedure due to me not having large veins they had a lot of trouble.

11. I spent the most time with Santhi, but all were wonderful. So were the food and cleaning staff. The lady cleaning the room when I first moved in was so positive and encouraging – a very bright star in my 3-day stay. The teamwork by the entire staff was exemplary – being patient, timely, caring, and detail-oriented. I applaud everyone! Thanks to all who made my stay as comfortable as possible. And when it came time to leave, the team very expeditiously helped in that process. Whatever AHC is doing to foster this team, keep up the good work! It’s a winning formula.

12. Beatrix, Jane, and Mary Ann treated me with care and compassion. They made me feel special.