1LT Caitlyn Adley
September 2016
1LT Caitlyn
Madigan Army Medical Center
United States




Recently, my wife lost her 4-year long battle with colo-rectal cancer. She died at a hospice care facility. Prior to her death, she spent a month at Madigan Army Medical Center on 6 South. There she received outstanding, compassionate care from her nursing care team. I was very impressed with the nursing care that she received. Sadly, my wife also suffered from severe dementia. I believe that plus her aversion to being hospitalized and the pain she so obviously suffered caused her to be a less than stellar patient at times. Through all of this however, she nonetheless continued to receive nursing care that not only exceeded "standards of care" but also my own expectations.
While my wife's whole nursing team provided this outstanding care, there is one nurse whose care for her went "above and beyond" the call of duty. I am referring to 1LT Caitlyn Adley. She seemed to take a special interest in my wife and me. In so doing, 1LT Adley formed a very strong patient/care-giver bond with us.
When my wife was un-co-operative, 1LT Adley did not take such behavior personally. She maintained a calm, non-anxious presence and firmly but lovingly dealt with my wife. Personally, I looked forward to the days when 1LT Adley was her nurse. Because then I knew for sure that my wife would get the care she needed despite her dementia-driven behavior.
In my opinion, 1LT Adley's exceptional care and professionalism made her "first among equals" on the 6 South Nursing Care Team. 1LT Adley is one very outstanding Army Nurse. Hooah!!