1 West Step Down
May 2022
1 West Step Down
Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center
United States
Czerisnelle (Nelly) Vitug, Peter Foglio, Edna Dela Cruz, Jocelyn Paloma, Marilou Kourakos, Lycel Celo, Frances Sagun, Pamela Rodrigo Weng, Danielle Villone, Kariny Ataide, Kelsey Lasin, Nina Hass, Jaqueline Valencia, Emmy Canaria, Nicole Baker, Rincy Charles, Jang Youp Lim, Mildred Mercy Kyeremateng, Adaobi Opara, Annette Mondesir, Young Hyun Park, Julianna Verso, Daniel Marques, Kelly Story, Katie Padin, Karla Alvarado, Desiree Vergara, Krista Roszkowski, Jeremy Mendoza, Margaret Werner, Peter Toscak, Daniela Pena, Rima Patel, Viane Villanueva, Casey Chu, Taylor Jensen, Jayme Conner, Grace McGough, Julia Alesi, Samantha Kastner, Krista Bell, Elizabeth Martinez, Jamie Sandig, Ina Mendes, Carlos Aquirre, Janis Asiedu, Kelide Calixte, Maritess David, Suzanne Dempster, Benjamin Foster, Richanel Garcia, Quendora James, Tessilca Lester, Jason Malilay, Justine Williams, Dawn Patterson, Christina Thornton, Mabel Reyes, Robert DeChavez, Janis Imbriano, Dr. Mark Safford, Mary Resurrection, Pierre Sereme, Minerva Layug, Carolyn Palma, Sophia Blaney




I hope that 1 West will never forget this journey for the rest of their careers, and this journey will be memorialized by receiving the Team Award.
Back in 2020, when I transitioned as their unit educator, Nelly concurrently stepped up to officially take on the l West Clinical Director role. lt was amidst this time, when the unit continued to face several challenges and encounters, one of which was converting into an ICU COVID unit. The nurses of 1 West courageously received the training and education in order to support the ICU nurses having to work in a new and unfamiliar environment during unparalleled times. Under the leadership of Nelly, newly transitioned into her Clinical Director role, her staff received the support, provision, and most especially the guidance to be able to get through each shift and each week, which spun into challenging months. Despite having to cross uncharted waters and trek unfamiliar roads, the unit remained steadfast while still striving to achieve unit and individual goals. Through Nelly’s consistency in guiding and inspiring her staff, outstanding team collaboration, accountability, resilience, and professional integrity, 1 West has achieved those interminable goals.

Triumphs, victories, wins, goals, and achievements can sometimes be reduced down to a noteworthy goal that has been reached. That single moment is celebrated and then the expedition becomes a memory of the past. Most forget to remember the hurdles that had to be jumped over and successfully landed with both feet planted on the ground. I hope that 1 West will never forget this journey for the rest of their careers, and this journey will be memorialized by receiving the Team Award. 1 West without an ounce of doubt is so deserving of this award, because not only did they achieve a notable goal, but have also ripened from individuals, into an unwavering team that has grown into what I see as a close-knit family, ready to tackle whatever challenges may come their way. I applaud and I tip my hat off to all of them.