Voices of DAISY

Here is a sampling of a few notes we have received from DAISY Student and Faculty Award Honorees:

  • "I may have alphabet soup after my name, but these (DAISY Nominee) pins mean even more to me. As a past DAISY Award nominee, I wanted to bring that feeling of accomplishment to my nursing students. My DAISY nominations in many ways mean more to me than my credentials. Our school of nursing seeks to incorporate aspects of professionalism and nursing excellence into all aspects of our curriculum. This will not only help us to recognize students who encompass the mission of the DAISY Foundation but also promote excellence as they enter the nursing profession. Having the opportunity to present the faculty award as well is just icing on the cake."

    Nellie Jones MSNEd, RN, CMSRN
    Assistant Professor of Nursing
    Vincennes University
  • I am writing to let you and the foundation know how excited and appreciative I was to receive the DAISY Award. It was such a wonderful surprise. The sculpture is incredible and warms my heart everyday as it is placed in a window that I see as I enter my office.  The history of the award and the sculpture is amazing.  Again, I am deeply grateful for this very meaningful teaching award.”

    Elaine Williams Domian, PhD, APRN, BC-FNP
    University of Kansas
  • Approximately 6 weeks ago I received an email that I had been awarded the DAISY Faculty Award for the Florida State University College of Nursing.   At that time, I had no idea what the DAISY Award was.  So of course I googled it and was absolutely blown away.  I am part time clinical faculty, who just enjoys teaching nursing students at the bedside.   I was overwhelmed that a group of students had taken their valuable time to nominate me for the wonderful award.   I have watched the You Tube video numerous times since and still feel so honored.  It has changed my life.  After 32 years of nursing, I love taking care of patients as much as I did in my first year. 

    So that brings me to you….thank you and your wonderful family for taking the time to create the award that recognizes nurses for what we do every day, and something we do not expect recognition for.  Your family has touched the lives of so many, thank you, and that hardly seems enough to say.

    Well I can guarantee you now my friends, family and community know what the Daisy is….and the hospital I work is going to start a DAISY program.  Again, thank you.

    Stacy Wheeler, MSN, RN
    Florida State University
  • I feel extremely blessed and honored to be a small part of this phenomenal organization. The DAISY Foundation pierces the heart of what it truly means to be a nurse. Receiving this recognition has been very humbling to say the least. It has given me immense encouragement to see through a renewed lens of what it means to provide care. I have learned that caring for the human heart is the crux of everyone's ache, no matter what illness or disease might be presented. If we can all strive to facilitate this space of providing hope, I believe a small seed will be planted. Receiving this award has given me a small glimmer of the fruit that can be brought by simply caring for the ache of every human heart. That ache is to be known, love and seen. Listening and acting upon that ache is what matters most, whether we see the fruit or not. 

    I want to personally thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of such a beautiful organization. It has given me such hope and peace to persevere. The DAISY Foundation has, and will continue to impact more than you know.

    Maggie Ellender
    Louisiana State University
  • As an experienced nurse educator who was new to teaching online, receiving this award provided me with reassurance that my teaching skills were evolving from the classroom environment to the digital world. Teachers typically are in the business of awarding their students, hence, teachers' contributions towards those award-winning students' often remain invisible. The DAISY Foundation's inclusion of nurse educators in their programs of highlighting nursing excellence is very much appreciated by faculty who work very hard and impact so many nurses in all phases of their careers. Thank you!!! 

    Michelle Byrne, PhD, RN, CNOR
    University of West Georgia
  • This year I received the DAISY Student Award, and it was the biggest honor. I have had the opportunity and pleasure to see many nurses that I truly look up to receive a DAISY Award, and to be presented with the DAISY Student Award at my pinning ceremony was an incredibly special moment. It has pushed me even further to be the kind of nurse who goes above and beyond for my patients as I begin my career. I am so looking forward to my future as a nurse.

    Raina Estrem
    St. Catherine University
  • I was humbled to be nominated and receive the DAISY Award my first year as a Nurse Educator. The transition from clinical nursing into academics has been a challenging one. I have learned so much from these amazing students and fellow faculty at the University of West Georgia this past year. The DAISY Award is a reminder of the 'difference' we as educators can make in the lives of our nursing students and future nurses.

    Melissa Downs, MS, MSN, RN
    University of West Georgia
  • I am humbled and very grateful for the recognition.  As a faculty member, I know that I have influence in student’s lives because I am their teacher and their academic advisor. I can truly make their lives easy or miserable, if I choose. But to read the 24 nominations, each student writing about how they perceive me and especially, how I have supported and loved them (sometimes with a lot of tough love) and helped them to be successful………..it makes me tear up even typing this.

    Dr. Susan Prion, EdD, MED, MSN, BSN, RN, CNE
    University of San Francisco