Re-Launch Your DAISY Program!

Perhaps your DAISY Award program has been on hold for various reasons over the last two years or could use a boost to get back on track. Now is the time!

  • Easily Collect Nominations Now!Image of DAISY nurse with unit
    • Review patient surveys/thank you cards/letters/emails that have been sent in. DAISY stories are often found outside of DAISY nomination forms!
    • Issue an internal call to staff to recognize a nurse “caught in the act” of compassionate care over the last 2 years. Peer to Peer nominations have sustained many programs through the pandemic as families were not with patients and patients were so sick. Don’t forget our Team Award option!
    • Check your e-nomination spreadsheet. This is a report provided by us for nominations that come through our website for your DAISY program. Not sure what this is or where to find it? Contact us here
  • Rebuilding Your DAISY Program
    • Schedule a 20-minute webinar with your Regional Team to learn about getting restarted. We’ll cover tips, tools, best practices, and all the new DAISY information you may have missed during the pandemic!
    • Generate on-going nominations by implementing our top 3 best practices:
      • Paper nomination forms available through the facility with easy-to-read signs on the nomination box.
      • Electronic nomination form with a QR code on your marketing materials (we can help with this!)
      • Information about nominating in admission or discharge paperwork. (Works even better if you can include the nurse’s name!)
    • Take a fresh look around to make sure there is DAISY Awareness. As you walk through your organization, do you see information about DAISY? If you are not seeing anything, neither are patients, families, or other staff. Check our online Resource Center, our Pinterest page, and work with your marketing department to increase visibility for DAISY. We suggest having materials in the following locations:
      • Well-traveled hallways
      • Elevators
      • Cafeteria/coffee shop
      • Gift shop
      • Waiting areas
      • Near exits
      • On each unit
      • In staff break rooms/restroomsImage of nurses behind a DAISY information table
      • Your intranet
    • Remember when you originally kicked off your DAISY program? Do it again! Have a re-launch party with information about DAISY and have nomination forms on hand. Be sure to include past nomination stories, showcasing exemplars of the incredible care and compassion demonstrated by your nurses and other team members.
    • Are you ready to re-stock your DAISY Award items or place a special order? Click here to access the order form.
    • If you have additional questions or need more ideas, please reach out to your DAISY Manager/Director here.
  • FAQ’s about getting restarted
    • We couldn’t present on time last year. Can we celebrate more than one nurse at a time to get caught up? Yes! You can present as many DAISY Awards as you wish at one time. Consider having a “DAISY Day” or “DAISY Week” and celebrate multiple Honorees. 
    • How do we celebrate our Nominees? Is it too late? It’s never too late to celebrate your nominees! Every nurse who received a nomination (even if it’s been a while) should receive a copy of the nomination, a “thank you” card (available in the Resource Center), and a Nominee pin.
    • Where do we find nomination forms and posters? We have templates created for you in The Resource Center. If you need help logging in, contact us.
    • Someone nominated several nurses at once for the same story- what can we do? Consider the nomination for our DAISY Team Award! It was created for teams of two or more people, led by a nurse.
    • Do you have anything to celebrate all of our staff for their work during the pandemic? Yes! We have special dedication and gratitude items available here. (See example below).
    • Are there any additional gift items we can give to our nurses? Yes! We have our DAISY Book Shining The Light On All The Right, and our New Coloring Poster (example below).


Image of new DAISY coloring poster
                                    New Coloring Poster!
Photos of DAISY plaques
                                                       Dedication and Gratitude Plaques and Posters Available Now!