Grant Types

Grant Amount

Grants of up to $1,500 each will be funded for upcoming mission trips.  Funding is not available for mission trips already completed..

What We Will Fund

Should your application be chosen, we will pay your direct costs to participate in a medical mission, not to exceed the grant amount of $1,500.00. An example of a direct cost would be your travel expenses, not indirect costs, such as wages and vacation days lost by your participation in the mission. For the purposes of this grant, your medical mission must be recognized as a provider of clinical and/or medical/health education services to populations in need.

Funding Your Grant

Checks will be issued to our Grantees as individuals- not to your organization nor to the mission organization when you return from your mission and provide documentation that you participated. Please understand that we appreciate that sometimes, someone will commit to a mission trip, and then unfortunately have to cancel at the last minute. Our payment process ensures we are paying for missions actually taken.

Please check with your tax preparer to ensure this grant is not taxed as income. The DAISY Foundation is not responsible for any tax liability to this grant may incur.