DAISY Program Benchmarks

Number of Awards per year

Experience tells us presenting the right number of awards for your size staff makes a difference in the program’s visibility and impact. By keeping the award special yet maintainable, you create a meaningful recognition program that impacts your nurses consistently throughout the year.

Number of NursesNumber of Awards
50 or Less1
50- 3002-4
300- 5006-12
500+ 12-24
Number of Nominations per year

If patients and families know they can say thank you, they will!  The grid below represents the target nomination goals you can expect once your DAISY program is up and running and fully embedded into your organization. Don’t worry if you don’t meet these benchmarks right away. It takes time to build awareness.  Utilizing our marketing tools, templates, and best practices, coupled with DAISY Coordinator(s) who have dedicated time in their schedule to devote to your DAISY program, will ensure success and sustainability for your meaningful recognition.

Number of Nurses on StaffNumber of NominationsTime Coordinator Needs
to Process Nominations
50 or less25+, per year1 hour a month
50-30050+, per quarter30 minutes a week
300-500200+, per quarter1 hour a week
500+100+, per month15 minutes a day