Zoe Gainous

Zoe Gainous

Zoe Gainous, BSN, RN

Pediatric Medical Surgical Unit
AdventHealth for Children
Orlando, Florida
United States
Zoe not only cared for my girl, but she always checked on me, too.

During our stay at the hospital, we were well taken care of by our nurse, Zoe, that we had for two days. She was absolutely amazing! From the second shift changed, Zoe came in and introduced herself and was one outstanding nurse! She consistently checked on us every hour without fail. She not only was patient and understanding with my feisty little girl, but she took the time to address her needs, comfort her, even took a few minutes to come and say goodbye as her shift was ending.

Zoe not only cared for my girl, but she always checked on me, too. She asked if I needed anything and always had a smile on her face. It is absolutely difficult for your child to be hospitalized, but as a parent, it is emotionally draining. Zoe made sure that we both had whatever we needed. She even decorated my daughter's foam cups just to see her smile. Thank you so much, Zoe!


My 2-year-old daughter was transferred at 2 AM after ingesting her brother's clonidine. She was not a happy camper. She was livid at the foot monitor and the blood pressure cuff. She fought sleep until 5 AM but still needed the blood pressure cuff readings. Zoe was able to sneak in and perform them while she was sleeping without waking her up. Because she got to sleep, my daughter was able to recover perfectly and was her normal, happy self. The playroom was such a wonderful place for her to destress. And it was all because Zoe was able to help her sleep with her ninja-like blood pressure skills! And because my daughter slept, I slept.