Yolandi Bresler
June 2016
Grandview Medical Center
United States




Yo was a nurse involved in my father's quadruple bypass.  Besides a morning snowfall, we were running late and surgery was moved up.  We were upset we just missed him going into surgery.  The Doctor told them to bring him back out and we were able to give him a hug and kiss and they said a prayer with us.  Yo said the stories he told of his 62-year marriage to his wife and nine children made an impression.  As everyone knows, my father has had several complications and we are still in SICU and Yo has stopped by to check on my father and also has been a comfort to my mother.  My parents just moved here three years ago and they do not know many people - but one day my mother said the silver lining to this ordeal was the kindness shown to us and friends we have made. 

I see how Yo's compassion for her patients and their recovery is important to the role as a healer with her coming in on her day off to check on the patient and pray for him.  Yo is the type of nurse that makes a difference.