Yolanda DeLeon

Yolanda DeLeon

Yolanda DeLeon, RN

Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital
Sugar Land, Texas
United States

I was admitted to the birthing center at Sugar Land twice in the last year. First time was in April for preterm labor and then again in June for the birth of my daughter. Both times Yolanda was caring, compassionate, attentive to my needs and doing just an amazing job of making sure that I knew what was going on but in a way that did not cause me to overreact or panic. In fact both times I did not even realize how severe the outcome could be. On June 19th we arrived at the hospital around 6:00 AM, I cannot tell you the exact time but that morning Yolanda came in and took over for another nurse. I was so excited and happy to see her again! Throughout the next 17 hours I endured ups and downs, pain and comfort all at the same time. From 3 epidurals, low blood pressure, pushing for an hour to an emergency C-section, Yolanda stood by my side. She was my advocate when the anesthesiologist came in for the third time when she reiterated to them the importance of not giving me too strong of a dose.

My mother in law is a nurse manager in the Woodlands and she later noted that the entire staff was attentive and amazing; but she also specifically made a comment about Yolanda. She said as she waited outside of the room that every time Yolanda came out of the room she almost always updated her (with my permission of course); but if she did not she at least always made eye contact. In case you did not catch the 17 hours reference I would like to reiterate how that touched my heart (and that of my husband).

Yolanda came in that evening and apologized for being delayed as they were doing shift change. I looked at her and asked why she was still there. She looked at me and said "oh I decided to stay to help out". What she really meant was she decided to stay and be by our side and deliver my daughter. And she did just that. She stayed at least 5 hours past the end of her actual shift if not longer. My daughter was born at 10:59 PM and Yolanda was there, again by my side. For that I will always be grateful and my daughter will grow up knowing her birth story and knowing Yolanda's name.

I believe a good labor & delivery nurse is important; they must be attentive, comforting and caring. But an exceptional labor & delivery nurse has to truly LOVE her job because when they do, they in turn pass that loving feeling, that nurturing feeling on to their patients. That simple act can turn what could be a frightening experience into a memorable and loving experience. And that is exactly what Yolanda did. She went ABOVE & BEYOND her job description; she defines what a Labor & Delivery Nurse should be. Yolanda possesses integrity, compassion, accountability, respect and excellence; but she also adds so much more!! Love, Dedication and Excellence. The Methodist Hospital System should feel honored to have Yolanda representing their hospital."