Yolanda Alford

Yolanda Alford

Yolanda Alford, RN

Payson 9, Pediatric Sedation
NewYork-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center
New York, New York
United States
Yolanda's heart is fully immersed in every aspect of her nursing care.

I have known Yolanda for over 15 years of my nursing career. I have worked with her as a nursing colleague, orientee, and preceptor. In every role I encountered Yolanda, I have been impressed by her clinical expertise and her true compassion and empathy for her patients. She is a stellar nurse who cares for the whole patient and family. No task is too small for her full attention. No task is too difficult for her to tackle. Her heart is fully immersed in every aspect of her nursing care.

Not only does she provide exemplary care for her patients and family, she also is invested in her clinical team on the Pediatric Sedation Unit. She is an integral part of the team on our unit and is truly respected by her coworkers and medical team. She values each employee for their strengths and works to engage them in the camaraderie of our unit. Yolanda frequently posts motivational quotes to inspire us to be positive individuals and team players. Yolanda’s calm demeanor and clinical skills make her an exceptional preceptor. She creates a learning environment conducive to success for the new employee. She genuinely wants her orientee to be a success.

Yolanda has a passion and gift for connecting with her patients and families. While providing exceptional care, she helps the patients and families feel at home in a difficult setting. Her patients leave with smiles on their faces and parents leave with a sense of calm. Many of our patients who frequent our unit know Yolanda by name and request her to care for their loved ones. Yolanda is able to make them laugh and feel at ease in her care. She knows what makes them smile and the right words to say to have the patients and families open up to her. On her breaks and lunch, she is often seen visiting patients she cared for on the pediatric floor. She brings them treats and crafts to lift their spirits. She goes above and beyond in every aspect of her care.

Yolanda is a gift to her patients and family. We are lucky enough to have her as a member of our team. She makes our days brighter!


Yolanda always makes it a priority to deliver exceptional care to her patients and their parents and builds strong relationships with them. A year ago, Payson 9 had the privilege of caring for a patient who was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia. During his multiple visits to Payson 9 for routine tests and procedures, Yolanda has built a trusting and empathetic relationship with this three-year-old patient and the family. During each of the visits to Payson 9, regardless of whether or not Yolanda was assigned to care for this patient, she always went above and beyond to ensure both the patient and family's needs and expectations were met. She learned that the patient's family had financial struggles and took it upon herself to visit the patient at home during the various holidays, surprising the patient with gifts. The patient's mother was always appreciative of Yolanda and her continual friendship and exceptional care of her son, both inside and outside of the hospital.

Yolanda truly demonstrates what an exceptional nurse is by developing a lasting and trusting friendship with her patients and their families. Yolanda truly stands distinguished as she not only delivers exceptional care for her patients but also, devotes her time and energy to building trusting, loving and lasting relationships with them.