Yanqua Pewu
September 2017
Mental Heath Acute Inpatient Unit
St. Cloud VA Health Care System
St. Cloud
United States




Yanqua Pewu, known as Q on our unit, is compassionate toward every Veteran.  Q enables each Veteran to remain with their dignity intact as they travel through the process of healing the wounds they may have suffered during times of great conflicts.  Mental Health sufferers deserve to be cared for by someone like Q.

Q is gentle and very kind toward every Veteran no matter how many times they must pass through our intake doors.  Q ensures that they are given water, food, and a clean bed.  He manages vitals and medication with the utmost precision.  He will sit down with a Veteran to calm them and ease their minds.  Q is a great asset to the locked ward/building 115.

I have heard Q being called all kinds of names by upset/challenging Veterans in difficult situations, but he continues to be gentle and take Veterans to a safe place such as their room or seclusion so the Veteran can calm himself without force and still keep their dignity intact.

Q deserves this high award for not only his service but for all the care and selfless acts he performs while caring for our Veterans.  Veterans that served our Country, a service that each one gave to ensure that our freedoms remained intact.  Q has also served our Country.

I feel it is the most honorable sight to watch as Q cares for our Veterans on our locked ward.  Our Veterans deserve the best, the bravest, the kindest, the selfless acts that I witness each and every day.  I am honored to serve as a nurse alongside Q.  I have witnessed his generosity, his willingness and his ability to care for each and every person that walks through the doors in building 115.  Thank you, Q, for your knowledge, skill, bravery, compassion, and the meaningful way you care for our Veterans and their families.