Yaa Ampadu-Sackey

Yaa Ampadu-Sackey, RN

The Christ Hospital Health Network
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States

Yaa Ampadu-Sackey

I am sending this letter, concerning a member of your nursing staff. I do not remember her last name, but her fist name is Yaa.

My mother spent her last night in Christ Hospital, and the last night of this earth, under the care of Yaa. Myself, and the entire family are eternally grateful that she was there for Mom.

Yaa was equally concerned about my welfare, as she was Mom’s. I had been staying at the hospital because of Mom’s condition, and the inclement weather. She made sure that I had a room and I was quickly notified when Mom passed on.

I have never met a nurse, or any other human being with as much concern, love and compassion as Yaa showed me and my mother.

I believe that when we hit a hard turn in the road, the Lord sends an angel. Ours came in the form of Yaa. All of our love and gratitude for all that you did. If Mom had been able to say something coherent to Yaa it would have been “thank you honey”.

I hope that when another person has to experience the passing of a loved one, that they will be blessed with someone like Yaa. I will never forget you.