William Bright

William Bright, BSN, RN

Sycamore Medical Center
Miamisburg, Ohio
United States

Our mother was a patient in the ICU for a total of 15 days. Emily and Bill worked as a team to provide excellent care for our mother, requesting to care for her many of the days she was there. They provided this care with compassion and dignity at all times. They exhibited expertise in all areas of the care they gave her. This teamwork created additional consistency in her care and in their communication to our family. Emily and Bill were the same each and every day, displaying excellent medical skills, professionalism, kindness, responsiveness, and respect for our mother.  Emily shows a skill level beyond her years. She is confident and poised in a high stress situation.  Bill is also very capable and confident and connects with his patients and their families. The both demonstrate genuine concern for their wellbeing.

When my mom passed away, Bill attended the visitation. This was a reflection of the same caring and dedication he showed while caring for my mom in the ICU. As we approach the anniversary of our mom’s death, we think about Emily and Bill and are happy we had them with us during those last few weeks we had our mother and especially at the end of her life. As we spent two days waiting to have our mom removed from a ventilator, they were there.  And, they treated our mom with the same dignity and respect as they had all through her stay in the ICU. They kept us informed and told us what to expect. They were empathetic and personal yet professional. The care they gave our mother made a difficult time for us and for her more meaningful and less painful. We knew she was comfortable in her final days and that she left us in a peaceful, gentle manner. We are grateful for the care given by all of the people working in the ICU. We are especially thankful for the special care by two angels, Emily and Bill.