Wendy Charles

Wendy Charles

Wendy Charles, RN, CPN

Nationwide Children's Hospital
Columbus, Ohio
United States
She did an amazing job putting together the education at her patient's educational level.

Wendy has proven time and time again that she is 100% dedicated to her patients and her families receiving the best care possible.  I feel that she goes above and beyond on a regular basis.  This past month I was deeply touched by her efforts to educate one of her asthma patients.

Her patient was only 6 years old, but was essentially responsible for her own care.  An example of what this patient had to overcome at home can be seen in the fact that she had to wake those caring for her to help get her to hospital for the second time.  No family was able to be with her throughout her stay.  When it was time for education Wendy made pictures for the patient of the medications she was supposed to take and how she was to take them. Wendy quizzed her to make sure she understood.  Wendy went over her asthma action plan in terms she could understand.  Wendy explained when to call 911 for help if she didn't have help available.  When the patient was asked if she had questions, the patient asked “what does it mean when my counter says zero, because that is what mine always says.”  From there Wendy made sure that the patient had the medications she needed.

I wish I could have had that encounter videotaped to use for educational purposes.  Wendy recognized this patient’s realities at home.  She wanted to make sure that her patient could do what she needed to when she went home.  Wendy met her patient where she was.  She did an amazing job putting together the education at her patient's educational level.  She tried to make sure that her patient was going to be as safe as she could be in the environment that she was going home to.