Walidah Crawford

Walidah Crawford

Walidah Crawford, RN

5th Floor Cancer Center
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
Winston Salem, North Carolina
United States

Walidah can always be seen going above and beyond for her patients and peers.  She is caring, compassionate, fun and has the biggest heart.  We had a patient on 10RT for 39 days.  She became very familiar with the staff during her illness and felt safe here.  On the day that the patient was to be transferred to the Sticht Center, she became visibly upset about having to leave 10RT and the staff who had cared for her while she was sick.  Walidah, as she consistently does with all of her patients, immediately took action to make the patient feel better about going to the Rehab unit.  She listened to the patient's concerns, spent extra time with her and reassured her that the staff in the Sticht Center would give her great care.

Instead of requesting transport for discharge from in-patient to Rehab, Walidah personally wheeled the patient over to the Sticht Center and helped get her settled in her room.  Walidah purposefully made sure that the patient was comfortable in her new surroundings before she returned to 10RT.

Walidah always comes to work with a smile.  On the busiest of days, she never seems overwhelmed and is always available to help her peers.  Her smile, laugh, and a great attitude can turn any frown upside down and her patients love her!