Voncea Brusha

Voncea Brusha

Voncea Brusha, ASN, RN

Mother/Baby Unit
UF Health - Shands
Gainesville, Florida
United States

I would like to recognize Voncea Brusha for her caring and compassionate act towards one of our pregnant patients. During my rounds, I met a pregnant patient who appeared very upset at the time. (She was hospitalized for sickle cell crisis.) I heard her crying while talking to a family member on the telephone. After she ended the conversation, I probed and asked her why she was crying.

She shared with me that she had three children at her house who were being cared for by family members. She also received news that the electricity at her house was disconnected for non-payment. This was on a day when the temperature outside was predicted to drop to the 20s overnight. This meant her children would have no heat or light for the night.

Unfortunately, due to her hospitalization she was unable to access funds to make the necessary payment to resume services. She also shared with me that she lived in Ocala and had no means of getting help to pay the bill from any other family members. The patient's medical condition contributed to her limitations and she was scheduled for an induction of labor the following day.

After hearing her story, I immediately relayed the story to Voncea, the patient's nurse, who immediately went into action. Voncea went above and beyond, reaching out to members of the Ocala community to obtain emergency funds to assist the patient. By the end of the day, the patient received assistance to pay her entire electric bill. Her children and caregivers were able to stay in the house together.

Voncea demonstrated caring and compassion that went above and beyond not only caring for the patient but also caring for the patient's family. Voncea's actions on that cold day in February ultimately contributed to the patient's healing because the patient had peace of mind knowing that her family was safe at home.