Victoria Carlucci

Victoria Carlucci

Victoria Carlucci, BSN, RNC-MNN

Saint Peter's University Hospital
New Brunswick, New Jersey
United States
Victoria immediately recognized the distress and confidently took control.

When my wife gave birth to our first child, we had the pleasure of having Victoria Carlucci as our nurse.  She immediately came off as a sweet and caring person.  The first day was rough with no sleep and we thought that there was no way the next day could be worse.  Little did we know what we were in for.  Around 11:30 pm the baby began to cry.  We tried feeding, skin to skin, changing, rocking, walking, playing music, and nothing was working.  We rotated through all of these for about 3 hours which felt like forever.  We were driving on empty.  We were frustrated and tired and my wife was in pain from the surgery.  The level of frustration mixed with exhaustion was something we had never felt before.  We felt like we were failing as parents.

In walked Victoria to check on us at 3 am.  She was like a breath of fresh air.  She immediately recognized the distress and confidently took control.  Using her skill and experience, she worked with my wife to calm our wailing child.  She stayed with us for over an hour.  Finally, she said, “You two really need sleep.  How about I take her to the nursery?”  We had not done this yet because we were uncomfortable sending her away but finally accepted.  We got 5 hours of sleep which was the greatest gift.  We found out that our baby fell asleep after she entered the nursery.

Her persistence, dedication, and ability to handle a stressful environment with such grace was extraordinary.  I can truly say that as good as she is at such a young age, the best is yet to come.  She is truly an asset to your team.