Victoria Benjamin Norton

Victoria Benjamin Norton, RNC

Robert Packer Hospital
Sayre, Pennsylvania
United States

My husband was a patient on 5 Main for 12 days and I was there each day 9 – 10 hours. Victoria has a wonderful sense of humor! And it was certainly appreciated by me and my husband during his long stay. I would like to stress that at no time was this “humor’ inappropriate in any way. The attitude made us feel very comfortable- more like a concerned friend & assured us by her manner, that we could trust & have faith in her duties. On my husband’s discharge day, Victoria’s patient in the next room suffered a massive heart attack (& died). Returning from the necessary work/papers, etc. she was going to take care of my husband’s discharge when his roommate who returned from a procedure, started to have trouble breathing & bad pain. She was capable to focus on this emergency and at the same time assure us that she would take care of him as soon as possible. Victoria was good as her word & displayed courage to my husband and me in handling a double emergency.