Vickie Lamb

Vickie Lamb

Vickie Lamb, RN

Kidney, Liver, and Pancreas Clinic
UT Southwestern University Hospitals
Dallas, Texas
United States
If someone asks Vickie for help she goes over the top to help them.

Vickie has been working in the clinic for 3 years. Her co-workers and physicians all enjoy working with her and respect her. I have watched her interactions with physicians and staff, and she is held with utmost respect. If a physician or staff has a question about doing something, they come looking for Vickie.   She trained me and goes into detail about the clinic, to be sure that I, and everyone else, understands. Vickie is very cheerful, extremely helpful, and strives for excellence daily. 

Vickie helps all patients and actually, all people. If someone asks her for help she goes over the top to help them. She is concerned and empathetic for patient’s problems. I have listened to her on the phone if an appointment is needed right away in a different clinic, she goes to bat for the patient, in a friendly way and doesn't take “no” for an answer.

Vickie continuously thinks of new ideas to improve the clinic; recently we had a patient who was too large to fit in our waiting room chairs. Vickie personally figured out how we could arrange the furniture to accommodate a larger bench in the waiting room. She also partnered with one of the CKD doctors to print recipes for kidney patients and created a gout information flyer for the patients with gout.  Vickie is the hub of the KLP clinic, and she is extremely deserving of the DAISY Award.