Vickie Brown

Vickie Brown

Vickie Brown, RN

Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital (SC)
Charleston, South Carolina
United States

Vickie is an absolutely fabulous nurse! She is one of those people that when you walk on the unit and see her name on the list of people to work with, you know you will have a great day and the patients will be well cared for. Whether it be with a funny comment, a gesture, or even a dance, she has the uncanny ability to make you smile, no matter what or how the day is going. She takes great pride and joy in her job and in turn her attitude and dedication become contagious amongst the staff on the unit and a sense of excitement is re-established in all of us.

Her enthusiasm and confidence with her patients is excellent to say the least. She is a great patient advocate and is able, willing, and ready to go to bat for any patient at anytime. She treats all her patients and families with the utmost respect and compassion. She uses her sense of humor and wonderful nursing skills to encourage her patients and families to work with her to reach successful patient outcomes.

With her upbeat attitude and nursing competence, she is a great role model for other staff, as well as for the multitude of students we have on the unit. Through her involvement in several councils, both at a hospital and unit level, and as an active charge nurse she demonstrates the skills and the characteristics that it takes to be a fantastic nurse. And if doing all this isn’t enough, she continues to strive for perfection in her professional career as well as in the care she provides by actively preparing to become certified.

All in all, her fun loving attitude, kindness, compassion, competence, and dedication makes her the nurse I hope to be one day. Vickie is someone that I am truly blessed to have met and have the opportunity to work alongside. She is someone that could take care of me or one of my loved ones any day. I am truly confident that she provides the best possible care to her patients, all while making sure her coworkers are doing alright, and that everyone has a smile on their face.