Vicki Eastman

Vicki Eastman, RN

Medical Specialities
Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center
Tualatin, Oregon
United States

Vicki's dedication to me as a patient helped me better understand and control my diabetes. I have always struggled with diabetes and because I lacked knowledge I was very sloppy with managing the condition. Vicki not only provided me with resources and reading material, her commitment went to a deeper, more thorough level. Vicki read through the book with me and discussed issues to increase my understanding. She also reviewed menus with me to improve my ability to manage diabetes. These measures were all above and beyond anything I had expected or anticipated. Since coming home and applying the knowledge Vicki shared with me my blood sugar levels are beginning to fall within a normal range. For the first time I believe I understand the how and why of diabetes. Vicki gave me the power and opportunity to live better and stronger. Thank you, Vicki, for giving me your time.