Vicki Carr Cleinman

Vicki Carr Cleinman

Vicki Carr Cleinman, RN

Telehealth ICU
Banner Telehealth
Mesa, Arizona
United States

Vicki always takes her assignment at the start of the shift and gets set up and situated to provide quality care to her patients, combining her many years of bedside experience with the technology that Telehealth provides.

Vicki was assigned to Gateway ICU one shift. Upon initial rounding, this nurse discovered the bedside nurse was having difficulties operating the CRRT machine. Vicki was the first to say she was not familiar with the current machine being used, but said she would ask the other TeleRN's working if they were familiar with the machine. After asking around and falling short with getting the needed operational expertise to provide support, Vicki, with her relentless determination, proceeded to call other Banner ICU's to ask if they used the that machine. After calling 2-3 units and getting nowhere, she finally connected with a unit and RN at Banner University Medical Center-Phoenix who knew the machine and was very familiar in its operation and troubleshooting. After talking to the bedside RN at UMC-P, Vicki facilitated a call between her and the Gateway RN, so concerns and issues could be met with answers and ideas. The end result was the Gateway RN got the support and help she needed, and ultimately the patient got the prescribed critical care.

Vicki made a direct meaningful impact on the life of this patient that shift. Her determination and perseverance is an example of truly compassionate and patient focused care. She always introduces herself to the patients and acknowledges the bedside team when she camera's in a room and puts everyone at ease through her confident yet soft communication. Vicki proved an example of camaraderie between Banner RN's for patient care. She is the ultimate preceptor, mentor, and nursing professional. Vicki is an extraordinary and compassionate nurse.

Vicki has been part of the team that has taken us to where telehealth at Banner is today. Vicki has brought her drive for patient outcomes, her inquisitive personality, and bouncing energy to the patients and families of Banner Health for nearly 35 years. What an extraordinary commitment to the critical care environment and an extraordinary display of loyalty to Banner Health.