Vanessa Grifaldo

Vanessa Grifaldo

Vanessa Grifaldo, RN

Vickery Health Center
Parkland Health & Hospital System
Dallas, Texas
United States

Vanessa is a devoted employee. She not only works hard she works smart. She has been given projects to complete, she has taken them on with gusto. She communicates clearly some expectations that were not clear and made processes better because of that interaction. This shows devotion, and authenticity.

Respect:Vanessa is a wonderful nurse to work with. Collaboration: Vanessa is very good at communicating with outside departments on behalf of her patients. Many potential issues have been resolved due to her diligence in investigating and asking questions. She has helped our patients many times. I have received notes from some of her patients thank Parkland for her commitment to their health and well being.

Excellence:Needless to say such a great employee has high standards and excellent performance.

Stewardship: Vanessa showed the ability to manage resources and time in her ability to work on multiple projects and still manage excellent patient care.

Deserving of a DAISY:Vanessa took care of a important audit that happened when we lost our pedi lead for Vickery. The job she did was so good that the person performing the audit actually communicated this to the staff. It's one thing to fill in and get something done that needs done. That is commendable. To do it to a level that is so good that someone recognizes the high quality of work and thinks it important to point that out.