Valerie Chessin

Valerie Chessin

Valerie Chessin, RN, BSN, CDE

Diabetes Education
Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center
Idaho Falls, Idaho
United States

Valerie Chessin has gone above and beyond to impact not only individuals but entire community health!

Val has worked with patients to control their diabetes with not only medication but also through diet and exercise. It is not easy to help make lifestyle changes and can be very discouraging. Yet, she continues to have an impact! Diabetes Education has a 95% patient satisfaction.

Val went above and beyond this last year when she applied for and received a grant from the CDC to teach cooking classes to the community. "Eat Better, Live Better" has been a HUGE success with overflowing classes and waiting lists. Val came upon many obstacles and naysayers, but she passionately continued to teach people how to cook healthy food in order to manage disease. Much of her time is donated above her "day job."

Prevention and controlling disease isn't very glamorous or exciting, but it has been shown to reduce diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer by 20-30%. Val has helped many!