Undrea Bostic

Undrea Bostic

Undrea Bostic, RN

University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, Washington
United States
Undrea was fantastic. Clearly very experienced and knowledgeable, tactful, and careful with our care.

Undrea has been a dedicated nurse for over 30 years here at UWMC. She is an MBU Champion! Undrea is always striving to improve working conditions on the floor, as well as hospital-wide as our Magnet Committee Representative for the last several years. As a floor nurse, she is a strong patient advocate and is valued for strong clinical skills, knowledge, and judgment. You can count on her to deliver the best care with our most acute patients. She is valued as a Charge Nurse for her experience, collaborative spirit, situational awareness, and staying calm in all situations. She keeps the unit running smoothly! She is the ultimate team player and an essential member of our team.

Undrea is frequently recognized in Patient Call Manager, patient rounding, staff rounding, and Press Ganey surveys. She is often described as very nice, helpful, and an excellent nurse. Some examples include:

• Undrea made my time on postpartum another wonderful experience, so helpful in many ways.

• Undrea was great and helpful to me throughout the entire procedure.

• We really appreciated having Undrea as our nurse.

• Undrea was so good to me. She was very caring and calming to me.

• Undrea on postpartum was very thorough and took great care of us.

• This is my fourth child and by far the best experience. The nurses and doctors did a great job with this surgery. The nurse I'd like to recognize is Undrea. She is seriously the most nurturing nurse ever!

• Undrea on postpartum was so thorough and attentive. The best birth experience I have had!

• All the nurses were great, but Undrea was wonderful – very professional, knowledgeable and helpful.

• We had a postpartum nurse, Undrea, who was fantastic. Clearly very experienced and knowledgeable, tactful, and careful with our care. Although we appreciated the doctors at UWMC, the nurses who helped deliver and care for our baby really made the experience so successful in my mind. They are incredible, central to and so important to the great outcome we experienced. This was true during my first birth experience three years ago and gave me confidence in choosing to deliver at UWMC for my second child. Thank you!