Trezere Brown

Trezere Brown

Trezere Brown, BSN, RN

CVU Step-Down
NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital
Jonesboro, Arkansas
United States

Trezere was given the perfect name because she truly is a TREASURE in every sense of the word! Her spirit is so beautiful! She always has a smile shining on her face, kind words come from her mouth and genuine love and care come from her heart. Were it not for Trezere, I honestly believe my husband would not have lived.

One morning my husband had an episode of chocking and Trezere cared for him and got things under control. As she left the room she had a strong prompting in her spirit to go back and check on him again. When she returned he was unresponsive and had to be resuscitated. Because of her obedience to her inner prompting she saved my husband's life. I praise God for putting her in our path.

She is an amazing young woman!