Trena Morris

Trena Morris

Trena Morris, RN

Carolinas Healthcare System - Stanly
Albemarle, North Carolina
United States
He told his wife he really thought it would calm his nerves if Trena would be there beside him and hold his hand.

In conversation, I just found out that a patient’s wife called Trena Morris, one of my Radiology/Cardiac Nurses, to ask her if she would hold her husband’s hand until he went to sleep for his Cardioversion.  The patient asked his wife to arrange this because he was so anxious and nervous, and Trena always helped calm his nerves.  Trena has been with him for several tests in the past, and they share a special bond.  He told his wife he really thought it would calm his nerves if Trena would be there beside him and hold his hand, and his wife agreed.  Trena felt very honored and humbled, and of course agreed to hold his hand and be by his side, she would probably be the nurse in the procedure anyway. 

When it came time to schedule the Cardioversion, the patient’s EF was too low to complete the test here at Stanly, the Cardiologist felt it would be safer to complete the Cardioversion at CHS-NE.  The patient’s wife spoke with the Cardiologist and the Cardiologist agreed that if Trena were at CHS-NE, then she would be allowed in the procedure room with the patient, in order to hold his hand until he was under sedation. 

Trena came to work early that morning, then clocked out and drove to CHS-NE.  She met the patient and his family and held his hand until he was under sedation in the procedure room.  When it was almost time to begin the procedure Trena realized she needed to step out, so she asked the nurse in the room to take his hand for a little longer while she walked out.  She said she knew he was asleep enough that he wouldn’t realize it wasn’t her hand, and she just wanted to make sure he didn’t become upset before the procedure began.  Then, Trena drove back to Stanly to finish her workday.  She called back later to check on her patient and found out that everything went well.  This is one of the most touching healthcare stories I have ever heard.