Travis Davis

Travis Davis

Travis Davis, RN

Burn Unit ICU
University of Louisville Hospital
Louisville, Kentucky
United States

Ty was great from the first night my dad was brought into the burn unit after his apartment fire. My dad was burnt from the chest up with some full thickness burns. I respect Ty because he never held back on how bad my dad really was that first night even though I'm sure it was almost as hard for him to tell my sister and me that my dad my not make it as it was for us to hear it.

He was very good at explaining what was going on with my dad what each IV was for, and there were a lot, 12 at that time . Being upset as we were we probably asked the same questions a dozen times but he was always patient and would tell us as many times as we needed. Every time he came in the room he explained what he was doing and why. Even though my dad was sedated he still talked to him even when he would do dressing changes he would sympathize with him about the pain and alway gentle with his burns.

For the first week I never wanted to leave my dad at the hospital, but I trusted that Ty was doing an excellent job and knew my dad was in great hands and I started going home at night which Ty always said to make sure I take care of myself too, because when my dad started to wake up then it would help him for me to be there. When I called at night Ty would make sure I was at ease and know my dad was ok.

Ty is the greatest nurse I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with he has truly went above and Beyond his call of duty. I should say though all the burn unit nurses are great and really all deserve an award and a big thank you from me.