Toni Gumbel
April 2017
Critical Care
UnityPoint Health - Des Moines
Des Moines
United States




Last spring, I had a bicycle accident that left me with severe neck injuries. In the emergency room, I was told I needed surgery or a halo. The pain medications caught up with me; I don’t remember much until the next evening in the ICU. I have listened to my mother tell the story about how great Toni Gumbel was in keeping her informed by teaching on my condition and giving empathy. I have recently found the following DAISY nomination she wrote for Toni. Thank you for not only taking care of me but also for the love, respect, and teaching you provided to my mother and sister. With tears of gratitude, I say thank you.

“Toni Gumbel went above and beyond for my daughter. I received a call from Iowa Methodist Medical Center and was told my daughter was in the ER. She could move her arms and legs, but that was it. My other daughter and I drove all night from Colorado to be with her. When we arrived, she had a neck brace on and I didn’t understand what was going on. Toni was exceptional. She took great care of her and I felt such comfort as she stayed with us to put our minds at ease. I have never felt such a trust as I did with Toni. She took the time to explain everything she was doing to help. I watched as she took care of my daughter and then took the time to listen to us. Toni had a sense of where we were coming from and understood my frustration with missing the doctor. She even called the doctor to see when he would be in. When he arrived, she listened and explained what I did not understand. She was an advocate for all of us.

While Toni was taking care of my daughter, I found peace with the situation.”