Tintu Mathew

Tintu Mathew

Tintu Mathew, RN

Medical Surgical
St. Joseph's Hospitals and South Florida Baptist Hospital
Riverview, Florida
United States
Tintu really made a difference in not only my stay here but in general.

I'm starting this honestly unable to really put into words the things I want to say about this beautiful soul, but I'll try. In the last year and a half, I have been in and out of hospitals ranging from here to New Orleans. I have seen the best and the worst when it comes to the people assisting me. I've made friends and enemies. I have never come across someone like Tintu. Her constant good mood, smiles, and overall sweet and professional attitude is one thing, but this kind heart went out of her way all the time to make me feel like I would be okay like I was so special.

None of my relatives visited me during my week stay, which was heartbreaking for me since they live so close. Tintu didn't know that but she still somehow managed to make me feel like I had a close family member here. I was sad on the days and nights she wasn't working. I felt honored and incredibly blessed to have gotten this time, not to get to know her life personally, but to get to know the type of human being she is. She tended to all my needs and more. Made my stay here worth talking about. I find myself recommending this hospital because of her. I have never liked hospitals, but I can honestly say I am a little sad to go home.

Tintu really made a difference in not only my stay here but in general. I came in here with a negative and sad attitude, but I am leaving feeling warmth and even a feeling of love. She cares about her patients. It shows in everything she says and does. This woman is an absolute treasure and I am incredibly grateful!