Tina Allison

Tina Allison

Tina Allison, RN

Clinical Education & Infection Prevention
Smyth County Community Hospital
Marion, Virginia
United States
Tina is always one to advocate for patients, even when they are not her own. She is always looking out for not only patients but team members alike.


Not only does Tina know what she is doing, but she is also educating our team members and facilitating learning for the facility. She takes time out of her already busy schedule to ensure the team has what they need.

Lead by Example:

If I could use one sentence to describe Tina, that would be the perfect statement. She is not only an excellent nurse, but she always goes above and beyond to advocate for any and every patient in the facility. She is not afraid to stand her ground, especially when she knows it is in the best interest of the patient. If it is not done right, she makes sure it gets done the correct way. You never have to worry whether Tina is doing something right. She knows what is expected of her and runs with it. If you have a question about a policy or procedure, Tina is definitely one to ask.

A Team Player:

This category, and The Above and Beyond category are the two main reasons I feel that Tina is a DAISY Nurse. Since stepping into my new role, I have been able to work alongside Tina and I have seen all the hats that she wears. Her home department is Infection Prevention, but along with that, she is an educator, she is in administration, she covers as House Supervisor and really anywhere else she is needed, she jumps in. Those are just to name a few. You never hear Tina complain, and she just finds a way to make it all happen. She is one of those team members who is constantly working in the background and most people hardly know what all she is doing, but without her, the hospital would not run as smoothly as it does.

Above and Beyond:

Just like I mentioned above, Tina has her hand in so many departments, in so many ways. She definitely does not pass the buck. She would rather do it herself than have to ask someone. Being new in my role, I came into a department where half my people were out sick. If it had not been for her covering many shifts, our department would have been in a really hard spot. I am eternally grateful for her dedication and commitment to this hospital and her team members. If something cannot be done, she still tries to find a way. She is always thinking about what is best for the hospital and her team members.

Make a Difference:

With Tina having her hand in so many departments, sometimes I feel that she sometimes knows more about patients than their own nurse. That's because if it is something important that affects the patient, she takes the time to know and to care about what is happening. Being in Infection Prevention gives her the upper hand when it comes to patients.

Attention to Detail:

Working with Tina I have learned that if you want something done right, she is always going to do just that. There are no short cuts when it comes to the work that Tina does. If I had a group project and needed a partner, Tina is the one I would choose. It would always be done right, the first time.


Like mentioned before, Tina is always one to advocate for patients, even when they are not her own. She is always looking out for not only patients but team members alike. She knows what is going on, in and around the facility. If you ever have a question about anything, if she does not know, she will find out. She is willing to lend a hand and help. She is constantly communicating with team members and managers to ensure the daily operations of the facility are done so in a timely and proper manner.

Tina works very hard to ensure this facility runs smoothly. She helps out wherever and whenever is needed, without question and without fail. She is a truly reliable and caring individual who puts everyone else's needs ahead of her own. I am proud to call her a team member and friend. She is truly a valuable asset to this hospital, and we are lucky to have her.