Tiffany Martinez

Tiffany Martinez

Tiffany Martinez, RN

Hilo Medical Center
Hilo, Hawaii
United States

My husband's cousin passed away. The family decided to take him off life support. Aunty, the patient's mother, very religious, was adamant about not wanting him off life support. Tiffany brought the entire family in a conference room and explained to Aunty what was going to take place, easing her mind as well as the entire family.

Tiffany explained to the family what was going to happen step-by-step. She also made sure the patient was cleaned up before the family came in to see him for the last time. I just wanted to recognize Tiffany for going above and beyond for the patient and family as her tasks was not an easy one. She is everything a nurse should be. Her compassion and dedication to the patient and family are what the "Go Malama" program is all about here at Hilo Medical Center. She is a great asset to this hospital.


Note: This is Tiffany's 2nd DAISY Award!