Therese Amanse

Therese Amanse

Therese Amanse, RN

Citrus Valley Health Partners
Covina, California
United States

My grandmother was a patient at your hospital. I was at her bedside for most of the time that she was there. My overall impression of the nursing staff at this hospital was that you are all caring, concerned and professional. However, there was one individual who was a "bright light" during my grandmother's stay: Tessa. Her compassion and passion for patient care was beyond exemplary! I was so amazed and touched by her genuine care and concern for my grandmother.

Tessa went above and beyond her duties to help me to feel confident and secure in what she was doing to care for my grandmother. She is such an inspiration to my family of what it truly means to be in "healthcare". I was truly blessed and honored to have met this woman.

Aside from her compassionate, loving care for my grandmother, she also exemplified the love and compassion of Christ in her interaction with my family and other patient's. She seems to treat everyone, not just her patients, with respect and professionalism.