Theresa Kreitzer

Theresa Kreitzer

Theresa Kreitzer, RN, BSN

Integrated Care Management
Atrium Medical Center
Middletown, Ohio
United States

I started working closely with Theresa Kreitzer when she became the lead case manager for AMC Readmissions.   AMC has been working on a process to prevent readmissions on our patients.  Theresa stepped into that role and instantly owned the work. 

Theresa treats each of these at-risk patients as one of her own relatives and develops tight relationships with both the patient and their families.  She learns all the details of their home situations and works very hard to build a trusting relationship.  When she presents each case, she passionately tells the story and speaks of them as if they are a friend or a neighbor.  Her husband has given strict instructions that she cannot bring these patients home to live with them.   

Ultimately, through Theresa's leadership, our patients are being readmitted less and are getting access to the resources they need to get better.   Theresa promotes our mission and makes us Premier proud!