Terry Lumber

Terry Lumber

Terry Lumber, RN, CNS, MSN, CDE, BC-ADM

Diabetes & Nutrition Services
Chesapeake Regional Healthcare
Chesapeake , Virginia
United States
Terry never hesitates to step in and help one of our patients.

Terry allowed the Transitional Care Clinic to set up a clothing and food pantry in one of their offices and helps with keeping it supplied. She has also donated many glucometers.  Terry never hesitates to step in and help one of our patients.

The Transitional Care Clinic had been helping this patient who was homeless and living in his truck. He had been in multiple times to see our providers and social worker. He was unemployed and lived in his truck with his girlfriend. He just got a job at the shipyards and had a sudden heart attack and passed away in our ER. His girlfriend had no family or connections to this area other than him.  She was very distraught and had nowhere to go except to the people who had helped them the most, TCC. The patient was to be shipped back home to another state for burial and the girlfriend had no way of getting there. Terry stepped in and found a church to provide airfare so she could go and be with his family for his services. If it hadn’t been for Terry, the deceased patient’s loved one would not have been able to go and say goodbye to him.

Terry has helped the Transitional Care Clinic too many times to count and she has had a big impact on the positive outcomes of the patients at TCC.