Terri Bishop

Terri Bishop, BSN

Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center
Oregon City, Oregon
United States

As a nurse for 25 years, I totally understand that there is a big difference between being the bedside nurse and the family member. All I know is that my son made some horrible choices that night, found himself injured and in an ambulance to PWF. I found out 24 hours later, after all was said and done. However, my heart sank with fear as I imagined what it was like, not only for him, but for those caring for him. I understand he was less than stellar in his behavior, downright verbally abusive, and probably not the favorite patient one would want to care for. But from him, I also heard “Mom, I had this great nurse…She reminded me of you.” He went on to talk about how bad he felt about his actions there, how this particular nurse treated him like I would have. She treated him with respect and kindness. All I could think of was that as a mom, my son had a guardian angel that night who was there for my son when I couldn’t be. Mind you, he’s a 26 year old adult, but his words impacted me on what his care must have been like. Our kids grow up, they make choices, we watch from afar, and pray there are guardian angels as they go through their life. That night, my son found one in Terri Bishop. I cannot express the extent of my gratitude that Terri chose such compassion and caring with a sometimes challenging patient. As a nurse, I believe we all just want to make a difference in our patient’s lives in some small way. Terri…please know that is what you did that night, not only for my son, but for me.