Teri Reeves
September 2020
Emergency Department
Lake Charles Memorial Hospital
Lake Charles
United States




Recently, there was a "Code OB" in the ED. I went down to see if there was anything I could help with and Teri asked me to chart. It was believed that this patient was close to delivering. She was at the point of pushing. In between pushes, Teri asked the lady if she had a "birth plan". We all knew this lady had very minimal prenatal care, so we all assumed she had no birth plan.
Usually when someone is about to deliver in the ED, a "birth plan" isn't really considered. When the lady didn't know what Teri was talking about, Teri explained that some women have a plan of things and procedures they wish and do not wish to happen while in the hospital delivering a baby and right after. The lady told her that she did not have a birth plan. Teri said, "I just wanted to make sure that you would not be disappointed or upset if something happened that wasn't on your plan." I don't know if anyone else in the room heard this, but it touched me deeply.
Being a new mother who had a baby that didn't go according to my plans, it really touched me that Teri would think of this lady's feelings during such a hectic time. I bet that lady felt so special that while all the craziness and excitement was happening around her, one person stopped to make sure she was ok.
Teri stayed by her side and encouraged her and praised her, all while keeping the room entertained with her infectious laugh, positive attitude, and cheery demeanor. No matter what situation was thrown at the nurses that day, Teri was smiling through it all.